karsten-alnasA book written in Norwegian. “The story about Norway vol.II” written by Karsten Alnæs  (out of 5 volumes in total) portrays Norway as an emerging kingdom and state under 400 years of Danish rule.

Volume II narrates the Norwegian history on such various subjects as landlords and tenants, queens and witches, religion and pagan faiths, social and health, law and order, industry and transport, politics and culture, war and peace, death and life of men, women and children from 1320 to 1800.

The cover shows King Christian II signing a death sentence on one of his best friends, Torben Oxe in 1517. Why he executed his friend is uncertain. The woman pleads for Torben’s life, to no avail. Painting is dated 1874/76.
King Christian II was the last king who really tried to unite the three Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway under one rule.

Another important king portrayed in this book is King Christian IV, who founded Oslo in 1624, ruled 1588 to 1648.

Finished reading this today, 02.02.08. Good, and educational read.

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