This page will be subject to constant editing as I seek the best and most clearly defined arguments to make policymakers in Norway understand the needs of near-deafs better. I’d really appreciate any and all inputs here!!!

My political manifest

Abridged Posting by Ulf Nagel on March 13th, 2007

The politicians in Norway has stated that they are concerned about too many people live on wellfare even though they could do a little work! More people should work a little they say. Well, here I am!

In response to the (then) Minister of labour and social inclusion in Norway; Bjarne Haakon Hansen’s often repeated statements about his concerns about people who could work a little (but who doesn’t):

and in support to (the then) Minister of Health and Care Services in Norway; Sylvia Brustad’s recognition that CI-operations are an important and an socio-economically feasible procedure that will save the Norwegian tax-payers a lot of money by getting people like me fast back to working condition.

CI-OPERATIONS is an INVESTMENT in HUMAN CAPITAL! The longer the wait for CI, the bigger the long term cost for society!
The wait for CI-operation cost money in itself. Also; the longer the wait, the longer the rehabilitation period equals even bigger costs.
Some cases take so long time that people give up, they enter a state of hopelessness they never recover from, even if they one day finally receive a CI-operation…

My political manifest:

Norway needs my skills and my work capacity! I have 10 years of IT-experience, and a lot of IT-certificates to show for. Norway SCREAMS for more IT-skilled workers today! My working capability WILL improve given the time I need.

AND GIVE ME MY CI-OPERATION TODAY! That way I can exercise my communications skills without feeling like I commit a slow suicide. That way I can heal, recuperate and get back to normal worklife a lot faster!

Instead of being a liability to my society, I can and want to become an asset! But I need help, and I need it faster!!!!!! Not tomorrow! TODAY!

I want to work!
I want to be useful!
I want to remain in the workforce and use my brain.
I want to stay in there and fight for my life!
I want to contribute to the best of my abilities!

I DO NOT want to destroy my remaining health in the process!
I DO NOT want my son to have a father who is too tired to nurture him properly!
I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to neglect my son! You hear me???
I DO NOT want a life where I merely struggle to survive from day to day.
I DO NOT want to be subject to suspicions that I am lazy or exploiting the wellfare system. (I am part of the solution and I’m dedicated to it!)

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