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Definitions related to Harmony™ HiResolution® Bionic Ear System (taken from Jeff’s blog):

  • HiRes-P:
    Electrodes Pairs are fired simultaneously (“P” is for paired).
  • HiRes-S:
    Electrodes are fired Sequentially (very fast!).
  • F-120:
    Fidelity 120 is AB’s new strategy which uses current steering to stimulate nerve areas between electrodes. So instead of having just 16 stimulation points (one for each electrode), there are additional points between electrodes providing up to 120 “spectral bands.”
  • IDR:
    Input Dynamic Range. This is input compression that squeezes the dynamic range — loud sounds are reduced and soft increased. The higher the number the less compression. 60 is the default and is a moderate setting. I’m pretty sure it’s a dB (decibel) figure.
  • P-mic:
    The processor’s built-in microphone.
  • T-Mic:
    An auxillary microphone at the tip of an earpiece that locates the mic in the ear in order to make use of the external ear’s sound focusing capability.

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