More brainwork – 3 important personal discoveries

I’m progressing well with my hearing capability, and 4 weeks after my 6 month tune-up, we’ve seen and detected some real progress in my capability to distinguish some really similar sounds. Similarly sounding vowels can be hard to distinguish when accompanied by certain consonants either before or after that vowel.

therapy-sessionShe has many lists of similar sounding words. On these lists are pairs of words with just the one vocal that varies. She speaks both, and then repeats one of them. I then say back the one repeated word, as a control. Mind you, I am a lip reader, and listening to words without the aid of lip reading is a hard thing for me to do 🙂

“De-learning” lip reading

For me this training has as much to do with learning to trust my hearing and not use my lip reading skills, as it has to do with actually hearing correctly… I’m de-learning lip reading to some extent! My brain can now utilize the hearing and let my eyes (and brain) relax a little bit more, but it needs a little help to get there 🙂

What we did during the first session after the tune-up, was to go through this one specific list. It felt hopeless, and I struggled with almost all of them. That was a kind of a baseline for me, I knew it would be better in time, but knot how much better. In the following 4 sessions we started off with that very same list.

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