More bass, more!

Was at appointment at hospital today. Time to give my Bionic hearing some sound adjustments.
Before I arrived at appointment I thought that there was no need to adjust anything. My speech comprehension is good, and the left ear is coming along nicely, slowly catching up with my right, steadily getting better and better “resolution”.
At first we discussed other related issues concerning my general wellbeing, and eventually, as I had time to think, or dawned on me: what is my biggest problem these says? Answer: the voice of my father-in-law and very thin women/Childrens voices.
Since I can’t improve both aspects at the same time, the choice fell on my father-in-law.
We boosted the bass, given that his voice is a deep one. I used my new smartphone to play a Rolling Stones classic to determine the right level of the bass boost. “I can’t get no satisfaction” is a simplistic rock’n roll tune that has song that is easy to catch. Therefore it is a good reference to use while determining the right amount of adjustment.
We ended up with doing the same adjustment on both sides, thus keeping both sides’ identically programmed.
I must say I’m surprised at how much better all sounds sound now! Even after all this time, there’s room for big improvements with just small adjustments!
I can’t wait to hear my father-in-law’s voice again, to see of the adjustments I made will make a difference. Luckily we’re bound to spend some time with my in-laws this summer.
Will my daughter’s crying be easier or harder to tolerate? Will my wife’s voice be more tolerable for me when I’m at my worst condition (tired, worn out, tinnitus and migraine raging).
And what about the music? I have lately felt that the music sounded a little anemic. This might be just what the doctor ordered  😛