Abridged CI / health history



May 1972 Born
1975 Wears hearing aids for the first time
1995 Drops out from higher education, due to hearing
2001 Looses job, gets divorced
Early 2006 First thought of getting CI
Oct. 2006 Suffering full burnout syndrome collapse
28.12.2006 Starting ci4me2007.wordpress.com blog
Late 2006 My GP sends me to specialist as CI candidate
Late 2006 Begins cognitive therapy to counter depression
23.01.2007 Specialist gives me status as CI candidate
14.05.2007 Joins Facebook
08.06.2007 Tinnitus begins to get seriously bad
14.09.2007 Complains about fatigue and eye problems
05.11.2077 Mourns the loss of music
06.11.2007 First notion of migraine
22.01.2008 Self-diagnose myself with “recruitment
26.03.2009 Rikshospitalet gives me date for pre-trial
21.07.2009 First CI surgery, right ear
28.08.2009 Tinnitus worse, explosive terrorizing LOUD
07.09.2009 First CI activation, right ear
2010 Health improves somewhat
18.01.2012 Second CI surgery, left ear
27.02.2012 Second CI activation, right ear
Sad fact: It took 6 years for the public health service in Norway to give me both CIs.
Sad fact II: I could have been diagnosed deaf in 2004!
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4 Responses to “Abridged CI / health history”

  1. christian Says:

    has your tinnitus gone .now that you have got 2 cis
    did the second ci stop the tinnitus in any way

  2. christian Says:

    Sorry you are the first person that i have come across with 2 cis
    and that has had tinnitus.It has been a very hard road for you and i wish you all the best.

  3. Tina Says:

    Christian – I’ve had bad tinnitus all my life, mostly musical hallucinations. I have 2 CIs and the tinnitus is much much better since my operations. On some days I don’t notice it or it is absent. When I’m tired, it comes back but it’s usually a buzz rather than an orchestra or a drunken choir 🙂

    • christian Says:

      Hello Tina
      Thanks so much for the reply,My partner can hear very well from the first ci it just the tinnitus and it is
      extremely bad in unimplanted ear and sometimes passes over to the implanted side.Her life has been crippled by tinnitus.Its such a big decision to go for a 2 ci so im so glad it worked out for you.
      And Thanks again for letting me know there are others with the same problem

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