My new crusade – raise awareness about noise

Communications is by far mostly verbal. Aside from the visual aspects (screen image, video/film, body language etc.), information is mostly spread verbally/auditory. Think about how much information exchange that takes place verbally in these arenas: education, court system, politics, entertainment, family, parties and so on and so on.

The last year or so I have engaged in voluntarily work, such as sitting on boards for the housing cooperative in my community (where I live) and for HLF Oslo (hearing association in Oslo, a subgroup of the national HLF) much like the HLAA.

On the HLF Oslo board I have been designated a role much like a CCO or PRO, in a political aspect, that is. A political interests spokesperson for HLF Oslo. Now, I admit, I have a lot to learn (which is part of why I want to do this Smilefjes  ). One of the issues we are talking about working on is noise.

One aspect that is amazingly neglected in these aforementioned venues of auditory communication is acoustic noise. (it is amazing when you think of it, really! It takes very little resources, and the gains would be HUGE!)

Please take a little time to look at this, it explains it so well:

Why architects need to use their ears

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