Tired of being tired

Hello world Smilefjes I know it has been a while since I posted, and it has been intentionally. I need to focus on other things than my problems, including my hearing difficulties. I need to just live my life Smilefjes I think that is the best medicine right now.

I have therefore decided to take a long break from writing here.

I will return in 2011 when I get my second CI.

Otherwise I’m still getting better, both health wise (in general) and hearing wise. But the recovery takes extremely long time, and I guess it’s because I went so far off the edge before getting my first CI. I believe a lot of my current challenges are due to the fact that it took 5 years from my decision to go for CI, before I was operated.

I believe it will be very interesting to see what happens with my speech perception with CI no 2. next year.

Hope you all are well.

Bless you!

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