Tinnitus management course step 1

As promised, I will write about the tinnitus management course I’m following. First of all, this is not a miracle cure. The tinnitus will not go away. It is a way to provide me with the mental skill to control the tinnitus through relaxation and focusing on mental images in order to suppress the tinnitus to the back of my consciousness. It takes weeks. But it’s only like 20 – 40 minutes per day. When I have learned the skills, it’s supposed to be an automatic part of me.

It is a training regime I have started on, which is important to follow, because the training slowly will give me the ability to “turn off” the stress in my body, thus making it less likely that tinnitus dominates my thoughts. It has a lot in common with yoga. Nobody learns to ice-skate in one hour, it is an exercise that takes hours and hours of trying and falling. In the middle of this training, I constantly remind myself, that the goal is to control the tinnitus, rather than the tinnitus controlling me. By following this regime, I believe I will be able to do just that. My motivation is strong. You will need motivation to see this through. It can seem pointless and without effect. But I have chosen to believe that this really IS something, and that it IS working 🙂

sitting man The first step is about learning how to relax my muscles. It is done by sitting undisturbed on a chair with a straight back, head up, resting on the neck. The goal is to sit as effortlessly as possible. Soles of your feet should be 100% in contact with floor or ground. It is very much as the man in the picture I have included here. It is also important to be in solitary, i.e. disturbances are not welcome in this exercise. It is just as much a physical one, as it is a mental one.

The point is to calm down. The details on Step 1 follows…

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Learning a little yoga-exercises these days. They are very interesting in the way they affect me. I am using several exercises, and one is for the ears. The fun thing is that my ears feel warm after the exercise! I will continue for a few weeks in order to give it time to “work”. I have faith that the yoga-exercises actually could benefit my general health and stamina-situation…

I have hopes it works against the tinnitus, and that some of the other exercises will help me regain more strength that is so desperately needed…

Again I have to give my heartfelt thanks to my great girlfriend for sharing her knowledge in the eastern way of life….   Thanks honey!!!!