CI no.2 activation date set

Got word yesterday, that I will get stereo back Monday 27.2 at Rikshospitalet. I’m now looking very much forward to getting started on the last leg of my very long CI-journey.

I’m quite tired of this, and just want to get on with living and forget about it. I have been working on coping and surviving this (slow oncoming deafness) for the last 12 years, I found out the other day. In retrospective, that is a long time indeed, and it has been part of most of my life: becoming deaf.

But now I will become hearing again, for real. One CI didn’t cut it for me. I have been able to cope, but just barely.

The hope now, is that I will start to get some amount of energy surplus, in order to get on top of things, instead of struggling most of the time…

F2.mediumCrossing my fingers with careful expectation and preparing for the worst. Nothing is given until I have turned the sound back on and lived with it for some time… I expect my brain to do some heavy adaptation fresh out of the gate, and then the race is on. We’ll see how fast/good I can get Smilefjes

Image: Auditory functional MR imaging
with music. Axial plane is parallel to sylvian fissure at Heschl’s gyrus level. Intensity of activation varies from high (yellow) to low (blue). Bilateral activation of primary auditory cortex is seen, with extension to secondary auditory cortex more pronounced on left. (source)

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