A new chapter, at last…

Been a very long pause in my blogging. Has been a very eventful year (actually it’s more like 6 months Smile) since my last blog-entry was posted. I write this on my mobile phone, hence the shortness of text and expressions.

Here are the highlights:

  • Unilateral hearing is pretty good.1280px-Migraine_aura
  • Downside is tinnitus and problem with speech in noise + very tired.
  • I might have some kind of migraine, could be related to my struggle with getting sound «good». This winter has been bad. It is being pursued and investigated. Migraine aura, something like the picture shows.
  • Got engaged with my girlfriend.
  • Became a father to beautiful Joanna.
  • Got married 🙂


I focused on taking my life back in terms of living it and creating a family together with my wife.

This period has led to this moment, where I’m happy to announce that I will finally become bilateral on the 18th of January 2012!

I look forward to it, and expect life to become little easier, in terms of using energy on understanding speech. How long time it will take, no one knows. What level of sound comfort and skill I will reach, remains to be seen.

I am anxious to find out if it will improve my general health to the extent that I will be able to partake in work-life again. As of now, I’m on the limit with family life including two boys, an infant and wife.

Further reports will follow, documenting this final ascent into bilateral CI heaven 🙂

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One Response to “A new chapter, at last…”

  1. Tina Says:

    You will love being bilateral! Im looking forward to reading all about it and how you explain the difference being bilateral v unilateral – not something I’ve been able to explain well! It was great to meet you in London 🙂

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