Sound, sound, sound

Sorry for not updating so often anymore, but life is happening, and I have other very life-normal important things to focus on, too 🙂

Sound is getting better and better in my CI. I need a new mapping, and ordered a session for it and got it fairly quickly. Unfortunately I didn’t receive word about it before it was too late. I mean, who depends on snail mail anymore??? I got the previous session organized via mail, but this last was purely physical, and that bummed me :-(  (I live a lot with my girlfriend, see :-)  )

So, that gave me a 14 days extra wait, which is rather frustrating since I’m on top sound and need to both increase levels and adjust them some. But I have used the “worst” program of them all, the one with the most high pitch-sound. That has drained me psychologically, I had a few mood swings etc, but got through it pretty good. I did that because I want to work on my CI-ears ability to absorb as much information as possible. And the high pitch sounds are the sounds that are the hardest to “re-map” in my brain… I still have pretty weird sound compared to hearing aid, but already I’m starting to forget about that… To me that means that normalization is in good progress!

Hearing aid has been taken off, and is now retired semi-permanent. Will probably use it now and then, so that my left ear doesn’t forget where the neurons for my auditory nerve signals are supposed to go…

I just applied for CI number two at Rikshospitalet. Crossing fingers about that, hoping for the best and fearing the worst.

Music is improving day by day in small steps. Last night I turned on some music for the first time with my CI. I haven’t heard this particular album in like 5 years or so, but it was recognizable and I even managed to pick up a few words from the lyrics here and there. I no longer have any doubts that the music will be good again, I’m pretty sure of it. It just depends on how much I work with it, how I program the CI and that I am patient enough.

On a personal level, I’m feeling that the drainage of earlier times hyperfocusing is becoming less straining. I still hyperfocus some times, but not nearly as much as I used to with hearing aids. I’m becoming more and more comfortable with my CI and trust the sounds that I perceive… The hard part now a days is that the sound itself is exhausting because it’s so overwhelmingly artificial, ie. high pitched.

But given time that will normalize even more, and my strain will ease up. Looking forward to that.

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