Log no 10 – day 41 – Different kind of tired, stress, and phantom sounds mixed with tinnitus

Last 2 weeks I had a throat infection, giving me sleeping trouble at night, due to irritation in the airways causing a lot of coughing. But two interesting discoveries emerged from this condition.

energy The first thing was that since I got my CI, I am, of course, still tired from the strain of learning to hear again. (I’m working regularly every day at improving my hearing skills!) BUT, having this throat-infection was a revelation to me. Before CI, I’d be out of play, so to speak, ready for decommission, not having enough strength to do much more than just cope with everyday chores like making food and taking care of my own basic needs. This time I felt as if my tiredness was different. It wasn’t so all-consuming and forcing me into life-support mode. It was as if my brain got enough oxygen this time, compared to before CI where my cognitive skills took a severe hit when suffering very mild conditions like infectious throats or other normal mild seasonal illnesses.

Recently I have come into contact with people suffering from CFS – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (aka: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)), which is a bit of a mystery illness, but a very real one, where those who suffer from it experience severe fatigue. The symptoms concerning the fatigue reminded me very much of my own condition prior to the CI-surgery. Not to the same extent, of course, but the effect of the fatigue that affected cognitive skills, memory and other important brain-functions that has an impact on social life, among others, reminded me very much of my own condition…

I felt a wee bit sick, due to the sore throat and coughing,  of course, but still had the energy to do things! And energy to take better care of my son and myself. It is still unclear whether this is a trend that will continue, or a one time experience. But I certainly feel hopeful, and think that this can not be a coincident. I believe that this was the first real sign that I am about to bounce back to good old me 🙂Sore_Throat

It also leads me to new questions such as, how bad did the “recruitment” really affect me? I guess the future might or might not tell me a bit more about that… I’m having a growing suspicion about it affecting me a great deal…

The other thing was the “new” tinnitus in my implanted ear. I discovered that every time I coughed, the sound increased in strength, and a little while later, it subsided back to it’s former level. A very noticeable phenomenon. I did a test while being very relaxed and about to fall asleep. I hyperventilated, and yes, the phenomenon reoccurred! I hyperventilated even more, and the event occurred even longer and stronger. That leads me to the conclusion that the tinnitus, if I can call it that anymore, in my implanted ear, is caused by an increase in either oxygen in the blood, or an increase in the blood-flow itself. That plays pretty good into what is generally known about tinnitus, that stress causes tinnitus to get worse. I believe stress is a condition where some glands in the body produces hormones that triggers certain reactions, such as elevated heart rate? Link to a Washington Post article on the subject of stress and what it does physically to the body.

Anyway, these are exciting experiences that I think, given time, will turn out to be advantageous to me. In other words; good news 🙂 The “tinnitus” in my implanted ear will eventually disappear, and my fatigue tendency is dissipating it seems…

phantom soundOh, and this other thing I experienced: while in my car, hearing aid taken out of my other ear, relying only on my CI, I turned on my car-stereo and increased the sound level including the sub-woofer which has it’s own volume control. I listened to the music for some time, receiving the deepest end of bass sounds in my non-implanted ear (which is the only sound that ear is able to perceive these days) and all the other sounds in my implanted ear. Not too bad to listen to, actually 🙂

Later that night, I got phantom music in my head. It was not very distinguish music, but sounded like it was really loud from my neighbors apartment. (I checked by touching the wall, no such sounds from my neighbor, who never plays that loud ever anyway). And the music was pretty constant. It was like Scandinavian dance music, and I enjoyed the tunes. But knowing it was from my head was weird… It was physically impossible to hear it through my CI-ear, since I took that CI off, and the music kept playing. I link the car-session with a lot of natural bass to this phantom-music event. I guess there’s a lot going on in my brain these days 🙂

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