Log no. 9 – day 37 – Progress, progress and future bureaucracy

When going uphill you eventually get to the top!Motivation

Recent CI-moments:

* Had a family dinner with only the CI the whole time for the first time ever. First time I didn’t feel totally wiped out after a family congress 🙂 I could follow the conversation somewhat by also utilizing lip-reading (which I’m very used to)

* Had my first lesson at audio pedagogue (learning to understand speech better), and I could hear almost all the historical dates that she spoke (it was a simple test). I have troubles with distinguishing between certain vowels and between certain consonants. But a pleasurable first lesson with a very encouraging result. But still, a lot of work to do, and plenty of potential.

* Music is developing nicely. I practice every day for several hours. Highlight was “Smoking in boys room” by Mötley Crüe, where I keep being able to separate new instruments. I took a weeks break from Mötley Crüe, and could really tell difference from last time! This time I could single out some guitar riffs. That was a nice feeling, and left me with a big grin on my face 😀 I’d say my music interpretation is now up to somewhere around 30 %

spotify  * Coolest and most unexpected CI-moment in recent days is dedicated to Spotify :-)  I just needed to find various types of music fast, in order to train my CI-hearing. I thought Spotify would be ideal for that purpose, and indeed it is. But, pleasant discovery; the commercial breaks in between features various voices, both male and female, and I have started to be able to understand some of the messages! Every time the commercial break is due, I sharpen my ears and try to decode the message. It’s a little competition with myself 🙂father&son

* My son had the greatest remark today; “Dad, it’s so nice when you can hear me better!” We were in the hall outside his classroom, I was there to pick him up. A lot of other kids and everybody all talking and making a lot of noise. Amidst all this, for the first time EVER, I was able to have a conversation with my son :-D  ) We continued the talking in the car, which is going better and better every time 🙂 It’s hard for me to rely only on the sound, but I have a feeling that it isn’t that far away 🙂

mfg_pillar_of_the_earth_box * I have engaged in an audio book; “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett, in English. I had read a few pages before I put on the audio book, and tried from the beginning at first. That went really well. I then wanted to fast forward to where I was, and tried the next audio-file. I had to listen for cues, and I FOUND the corresponding text! Not only did I do it just one time, but THREE times! 🙂 I’d say I hear about 20% of the words now… Give or take, depending on type of voice and other ambient sounds present at the same time.

* I decided yesterday that I am going for CI number two. YES, I want stereo too! Just like everybody else! So, have already started the process by setting up an appointment with my physician. I expect to be denied in the first round or two, but I won’t rest until I have reached my goal. I have many means of dealing with this situation, and last word has not been said, far from it!

* I’m having tinnitus issues, on both sides. My CI-side comes and goes, and I guess it has to do with “repairing” the neural network in my brain. My HA-ear has the same old tinnitus, only now it is coming more to the forefront, since my CI-ear is working better and is occupied in dealing with real electronic impulses rather than imaginary ones 🙂 I’m worried how it will develop in the time to come, since I will rely less and less on the analogue ear, and turn my hearing aid off, more and more…  Time will tell. I’m thinking about seeking professional help concerning the tinnitus…

* I discovered that I had huge problems talking with someone who sat on my hearing aid-side, away from my CI, while my CI-side was easier to hear on… This was a clear head-shadow experience!

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