Diving with HIRes90K?


Have had a long wait for answer about my question about diving with the HIRes90K implant. Both sources have given me the same answer, Advanced Bionics has tested the implant to only 2 ATM, equivalent to 10 m below surface (33ft). With “no plans to change the recommendations”.

I find this very dissappointing, since I’m into diving, have had the PADI Open Water divers certificate for more than a decade. Whenever I travel to exotic locations, I do my outmost to dive there locally.

Previous experiences has been:

roatan-dive-site-mapThe island of Roatan in Honduras (PADI-certification, great corals and animal-life)

BIGdivers-hurghada The Red Sea just outside Hurghada in  Egypt (went to a partly polluted dive-site, a bit destroyed corals and garbage, but first dive with underwater camera and decent animal life)

The famous Aliwal Shoal in the Indian Ocean – South Africa (my first encounter with ragged tooth shark, and swimming with sea turtles! Very difficult conditions, very technical dive.)

ragged tooth sharks at cathedral aliwal shoal

I was hoping to continue this fine way of experiencing a very different and wonderful world in different parts of our great blue planet…

Does anyone has any insight into this? Can we ask Advanced Bionics to do further tests in order to perhaps tell us it’s safe to use in even greater depths? (Like 18 meter which is the limit of PADI Open Water diving…)

Any experiences with diving with cochlear implants? Please leave a comment if you did, or know someone who has been diving with an implant…


One Response to “Diving with HIRes90K?”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I am very surprised as i remember last year when going through the assessments the Surgeon told me it’s about 80 feet max for all implants.

    PADI open water is 18 meters right?? If i were you I’d check with AB again or your own Surgeon (they should have warned you pre Implant) I hope you get this solved. Looks like a beautiful place to dive.

    link to 2007 report

    Here’s one for Cochlear.

    For SCUBA divers, the internal implant is validated to withstand pressure at a depth of 25 meters (82 feet) underwater. However, it is recommended that you check with your surgeon or clinician before participating in a dive. There may be other medical conditions that you will need to consider.

    And Med EL have a patient doing 42m with bilaterals.

    “We report on a patient with bilateral cochlear implants (a Med-El Combi40 and a Med-El Combi40+), as well as considerable experience in scuba diving with both of his implants. After having been exposed to 68 and 89 dives, respectively, in depths of up to 43 m, both cochlear implants are in working order and the patient continues to receive excellent speech recognition scores with both cochlear implant systems. The presented data show that scuba diving after cochlear implantation is possible over a considerable number of dives without any major negative impact on the implants.

    PMID: 12784981 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]”

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