Post-Surgery and The Day after

Last thing I did before getting out of the hospital bed was to eat two slices of bread, they observed that I could hold it, and was then released. But they insisted I stay in the hospital hotel, also because Prof. laurent wanted to check my wound early next morning.

Food at the hotel was the worst I have ever experienced. The vegetables were served still frosen, and the fish was lukewarm. But down it went, since I had not eaten much that day. That pissed me off… grrrr

grumpy food

Then, Mette, being the sweetheart she is, just smiled and took pictures of me (as you can see above) :-). I couldn’t stay irritated for long with such companionship… Which was a good thing considering it was less than 3 hours after having drilled a hole in my skull!!! Time to become patient and relaxed, and let the healing take it’s course.

My sister came for a visit in the evening, and we talked a bit, and then my hyperness (dope) wore off… Getting ready for sleep.22072009703

The night was OK, still drugged somewhat, and taking more painkillers to render me semiconscious, but constantly weary of moving my head and placing any weight on the dressed wound. Not much sleep, just looking forward to get back home in order to settle in.

The next morning we had a quick, light breakfast. I felt hungry as a horse, but couldn’t eat much. No room 🙂

23072009706 Then we went to see the surgeon for a final checkup before heading home. No problem there, everything looked just fine.

I was unstable balance-wise just like since the surgery. I didn’t dare to let go of Mettes hand or shoulder, fearing that I might just fall suddenly. I walked slowly, and head movement were kept to a minimum. Even more so the coming days. The effect on the balance has really been the worst thing for me, disabling me. But that was also a good thing, keeping me still in bed, where I was supposed to be for as long as it took.

The balance-thing is another story coming up 🙂

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