Oh, what to write? Or not to write?

Did I get it or not? Wait! Don’t cheat by reading down just yet! Follow letter by letter!

I smirk, a little curve on my lips, a little smile, a little bigger smile, a smile, a bigger smile, even bigger smile, huge smile, A BIG GRIN!  😀

I GOT CI!!!! YES!!!!

I have to tell you, it was such a relief to get that message from the doctor, and the way he did it is a story in itself 🙂

surgeon We sat down around a table, after the initial handshakes, and even before I got the chance to sit down properly, he just said, “we will offer you CI”. NICE :-D  No tact, and no time to get really nervous or to start wonder what the answer would be…  Well, needless to say, that was a major moment for me! 🙂 It took two seconds for me to look into his face to look for any sign of a joke or a countersignal, but he was sincere and dead serious. Then the understanding reached my cortex… It was like detonating an emotional nuclear device 🙂

gratitude My girlfriend sat next to me, and I had to hide in her lap a few moments while I gathered myself to continue the conversation. It was such a relief. Almost 4 years of waiting was finally over in that moment.

As we took up the conversation again, they quickly discovered that I knew everything they were going to say. But, we have to follow protocol, and they needed to say all the necessary things…

I was told all the standard warnings about the procedure being close to the facial and taste-nerves, that not everything might go as planned and that I should be ready for a less than good result etc etc.

476S_AdvancedBionicsHiResAuria Then they wanted to talk about choosing the device, either MED EL, Freedom or AB. I quickly told them that I made my choice long time ago, and they were thrilled and we all had a good laugh. We went through the various features anyway, just to make sure I had all the facts. I have a feeling they don’t usually get patients that know as much as I do about this subject… But, informed as I already am, I had absolutely no doubts in my mind. I’m going for Advanced Bionics, and I also chose the color, Dark Sienna. It’s the device I waited another extra year for. I could have been here with a Freedom or MED EL today, but I have from quite early in my process known that Advanced Bionics was the CI I want. Abby pretty much sums it up for us all here.

Surgery date has not been hammered yet, but it should be around the 22-24th of July. Not idealistic concerning our holiday, but, hey, I’ve been waiting for this for so long, and I’m not waiting a day more unless I have to! Also, my girlfriend wants to be with me during the whole ordeal, and what better time than during our holiday for this? 🙂

I’m a very, very, very lucky man!

2008-06-30-homeless My thoughts now goes to those who are not so fortunate. I want all of you who read this to join me in a moment of contemplation: Think of all those individuals that live on our planet under less privileged conditions and has no idea that CI even exists! And think of all those who knows about this, but has no government to provide the proper healthcare or who cannot afford a proper health insurance coverage… It’s such a shame the world is so unfair!

I know all too well how it is for you, what you struggle with and I wish something could be could done about this for everyone…

I hereby pledge that I will honor those less fortunate by being the best person and human being I can be, and to advocate for CI for children and late deafened adults.


10 Responses to “Oh, what to write? Or not to write?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Ulf, that is fantastic! I have been hoping for this post for a long time. I am very happy for you and that the surgery will happen so soon. Which ear are you doing first?

  2. movale Says:


  3. KIm Says:

    What awesome news!! Advanced Bionics is AWESOME!!! You will love the T-Mic along with the autosound feature!! Way to go


  4. Jennifer Says:

    I just got goosebumps reading this. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! All this waiting and you are finally going to have your CI!! I am so thrilled for you!!!!!!!!!!

  5. theurbindirt Says:

    That really is cool! Congratulations. Exciting!

    I understand exactly what you are experiencing now … because I myself am booked in to get my first ever cochlear implant in Sydney in only 8 days!

    My surgery date is Wed 1st July, and I am nervous but excited.

    I’ll be back to tell you how it went!

    Ciao for now.

  6. Abbie Says:

    Daggumbit! It is about time! I’m so over the moon for you! 🙂

  7. cindydyer Says:

    Ulf, I’m so, so excited for you! Can’t wait to read about the process and your results!

  8. Sara Says:

    Hi Ulf,
    I hope everything’s gone according to plan and you’re just about at the end of the beginning of your journey! 🙂

  9. wendiwendy Says:

    Ulf, I left a message on your blog last year (about bilateral CIs) and just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on finally getting a CI! That is FANTASTIC news!

    We are surgery buddies of a sort — I had my surgery one year ago today. 🙂 Best wishes to you!!

    ~ Wendi

  10. Laurie in TN Says:

    Jennifer sent me here……Congratulations! Thinking good thoughts for you today as you have your surgery….keep us posted.

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