Second and final pre-screening session tomorrow!

I’m eagerly awaiting for tomorrow to arrive 🙂

Finally I will meet the CI-team at Rikshospitalet and find out if I’m eligible for a CI or not. I have very few doubts in that regard, but have to prepare for the worst, of course. As well as for the best 😉

foghorn Right now my tinnitus has been roaring like a ships fog-horn for the last week (only with a slightly higher hertz frequency). It goes to the extent that I rather listen to exhausting sounds than turn off my hearing aid to rest my brain… It’s a catch22- situation. But I’m holding on to my sanity thanks to my work, family, son and my great girlfriend. She will join me tomorrow at the hospital, and for that I’m ever grateful. It will be good to have someone’s hand to hold. I expect some fierce emotional reactions no matter the outcome… Especially if the answer is yes, we’re GO! 🙂

Sorry for not writing anything lately. All my strength now go towards self preservation and building a future life with my girlfriend (did I mention that she is a fantastic girlfriend? I’m a very lucky man! :-D  ).

I’m working a little bit for my own company, but had a recent incident that had a huge impact on one of my customers. My concentration is a constant issue that concerns me. I have to work twice as hard in double checking everything I do…

Hearing-wise, I’m probably at my life’s lowest point right now. I comfort myself with the fact that it can only get better. Either I go completely deaf, or I get CI. Either one is OK 🙂

rebuiltSome days I feel great, everything is fine. Other days are like the world has been covered with steel wool. Everything is hard to grasp, hard to deal with, hard to get to. Even resting up is hard… But despite this, I’m able to keep my head up, my good spirit is never buried for long. I have much hope and a lot to live for!

I will be a better, healthier man!

I wish to dedicate this post to Michael Chorost. I recently read his book: “Rebuilt”. It gave me more insight and a lot more hope in a time when I needed it. (I bought that book two years ago, and have been saving it for a time when I was ready to read it). Thanks, Michael! (I want a sequel to that book, with your experiences with two CI’s!)

I feel like I know you a little now 🙂

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