Deaf for a day

I just read this journalists story about being deaf for one day. For everybody that have “normal” hearing, this could very well be en eye-opener!

The challenge for “normal” hearing people is to comprehend the situation for deaf and/or hard of hearing. If the sound is missing, that is easy to comprehend. But what if the sound is partially gone, or if it disappears slower than you can notice? And try to comprehend the sound being gone permanently! What would that do to you?Alone in a Crowd

What would it do to your social life, your ability to do you present job or your ability to communicate with your loved ones?

I hope “normal” hearing people take this opportunity to stop in the tracks a little while, and just contemplate on this subject.

And then you can give me you comments 😉

Here’s the link:

I volunteered to find out what it was like to be deaf for a day


Another story: Deaf for a day – part II

3 Responses to “Deaf for a day”

  1. Valerie M Says:

    This is a great link. I will be saving it to share with my friends and family. I have been profoundly deaf for the better part of a decade after gradually losing my hearing for most of my life. I lived through most of that time WITHOUT use of hearing aids or ASL. To this day, I STILL have trouble explaining to people how much this can affect the way you live. Thanks so much for sharing! Maybe I will get my friends to wear some earplugs for a day.

  2. Mike Says:

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