Christmas 2008 – 36 months in waiting

As the end of 2008 nears, I have this summary for the year.

Still waiting for the CI. Still have no date. Still on the brink of deafness. Still struggling in everyday communication situations.

Despite this, life is pretty good. I’m extremely grateful to live in a country like Norway, where I’m provided for. I’m not happy about the waiting part, of course. But I’m able to pay my bills and buy presents for my loved ones and even take a trip to my friend in Norwich, UK for the Christmas and New Years Eve!

Personal life is really good with a new, promising and really exciting relationship. This awesome woman might be "the one"! So I’m very, very happy about that and look forward to the next year for that reason alone. I miss her achingly bad right now, but this trip to UK was planned even before I met her, and we both have "family circumstances" that requires us to take things slow and spend this holiday apart…  😦

Health wise, I’ve regressed somewhat, but that is because I feel some strength returning, and have an urge for getting back up and on with my life… Neck and shoulders are troubling me. I started swimming again, but evidently the body isn’t quite there yet.

But I keep telling myself; take it easy, don’t exhaust yourself again… It’s not easy to take it easy for me, but I’ve become better at knowing when I’m tired and need a break. Still working on that issue I guess.

Had a round of pneumonia and a couple of common colds so far this winter.  That is not normal for me, but then again, "everybody" has been sick this year… That stopped my training for a few weeks. I’m looking into why the neck and shoulders are hurting as they are. Buying new pillows, trying out some dietary supplements for joints and muscles for people who are exercising… It doesn’t seem like the training itself is the cause, because the pain is still there after a few weeks of no training…

My guess it’s the stress from trying to keep up with conversations and common verbal communication. (you know; protruding my head, in order t signal that I have trouble hearing you, or signaling that I didn’t hear you. It’s just that mimic habit that is hard to stop. It affects my whole body posture… Head forward, shoulders slumping forward, upper body bent forward, looking into the ground… I arrest myself, but when I get tired, it’s back again…)

And now the flu is on it’s rise, newspapers in Norway report…  Ah, bring it on, and let’s get it over! It’s good for one thing; to keep the immune system on it’s toes and in tip top shape, isn’t it?

When I return to Norway, I will investigate in how much longer I have to wait for the CI-operation.

I have a few things going on in that regard. Will report on it here on my blog when something real happens.

It seems like 2009 will be the year I get my first CI. Can’t be more specific yet…

So, to all my readers:


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3 Responses to “Christmas 2008 – 36 months in waiting”

  1. berose Says:

    hi ulf yes you really need to be grateful that you are in norway for basic reason that you’re provided with by your my side of the world, we have to make our own ways of raising the fund if we want our daughter to be implanted.for desperation we even resorted to begging through blogs to come up with that large sum of money.but to no avail, it might be due to the recession felt worldwide.

    its good to hear that there is someone new inspiring you nowadays. GOD bless always!!

  2. Ulf Says:

    Yes, berose, I am grateful every single day! I have seen many parts of the world, and KNOW how fortunate I am.

    I’m also thinking about the poor people in Zimbabwe, where I lived for almost a year, some 20 years ago… They are dying, as I write this, from lack of food, sanitation, clean water and basic healthcare…

    They are on the brink of facing a humanitarien disaster!

    My heart goes to all those less fortunate around the world….

    And to you too, berose! Wish I could make a bigger difference!

  3. Robyn Carter Says:

    Hope you get your implant soon. I’m also waiting – but waiting for a reimplant – mine failed in june 2007, was reimplanted march 2008 but the electrodes have migrated out out of the cochlea and I’m no longer hearing anything. Am waiting for funding to come through so it can be fixed.


    So i’m with you 🙂

    Robyn in NZ

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