Decoding sounds from Cochlear Implants

In this informative video you can supposedly get an idea of what kind of work my brain will have to do in order to decode those artificial electronic impulses into meaningful sounds….

I wouldn’t know, if this is accurate or even if it’s true, as I haven’t been implanted yet, but would love to get comments from my CI-blog friends on this posting!


4 Responses to “Decoding sounds from Cochlear Implants”

  1. Decoding sounds from Cochlear Implants Video Says:

    […] first collected Added 27 Nov 08 from Flag as inappropriate or […]

  2. berose Says:

    i am a normal hearing person but according to what i’ve researched..that particular video that you’ve posted from youtube was uploaded to sway all those deaf candidates for CI not to undergo the operation. maybe the CI model used in that video was the oldest version.the latest innovation on CI by med el makes you distinguish the lyrics more clearly same goes with the tempo and melody.

  3. Abbie Says:

    Oy, in my case it did sound like that in the beginning. It kind of sounds like that when you need a mapping or adjustment here and there. It gets much better as time goes on. I can understand the normal speech though despite all the background noise that the video has.

  4. Arnt Joakim Says:

    As a bilateral CI user, I listened through the video. And I could definitely hear a large difference between the samples given. The “CI” examples sounded like they were “broken” and very bad quality to me. But the difference was somewhat smaller (but still large) in the last example (U2 music), suggesting CIs still have a way to go concerning deciphering modern rock music. But the present CI technology is at least very good for classic music and speech.

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