Status update IV – early autumn 2008 – part 3 of 5

Physical health

Up to a few weeks ago my whole body felt good and I was without any chronic pains for the first time I can remember in my adult life. Back pains are gone, and the last remaining symptoms with muscle pains in my thighs has disappeared.
Headaches, the severe light sensitivity (photophobia) and some other smaller symptoms related to vestibular disturbances also diminished this last year. Even my worn knees are improving painwise, ie. they don’t pain me as much as they used to. I can almost run and almost walk the stairs without pain. All in all, this summer was a great physical experience. This last year I have taking a break from any physical training, because my body told me in the fall of 2007 that it couldn’t take anymore. Even swimming gave me muscle and skeleton pains. Clear signals that I could not ignore.

This summer, part of my vacation was in Poland with good friends and together with my son. We went on a one week trip to an area with great biking trails. And we went on long bike trips every day. This time my body responded well, and I have now started training again. Swimming 1-2 times a week, and some bike trips in between. I look forward to loose a few kilos this winter, instead of gaining them. My knees, who are still protesting in stairs, will thank me for that.

I stated earlier here that I have regressed a little, and this reflects and manifests itself in my body physically. My neck has become stiff again, and my shoulders are constantly aching and uncomfortable.

I keep waving my arms and tilting my head in all directions in order to keep it “loose”. I suspect that these symptoms come from stress are related to the breakup with my girlfriend. She means a lot to me, but the long distance relationship we’ve had since the beginning took it’s toll on our love. She couldn’t bear it anymore. I don’t blame her and I’m not bitter. She made me feel much better a whole year in this very tough part of my life. I hope I made her life better too. I think so. Even though her breaking up with me is still a little mysterious to me. I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten that CI long ago??? Would I have become happier and have more humor and strength? The future will tell what happens to me after the CI-operation.


One Response to “Status update IV – early autumn 2008 – part 3 of 5”

  1. cindydyer Says:

    Hi Ulf,

    I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better and sorry to hear about the breakup with your girlfriend.

    I actually have been given the green light (99.9% sure) to photograph a cochlear implant surgery in early November! This will be my first surgery to photograph. I photographed Mike and Alicia Royer’s 3rd baby being born in August, so I’m no stranger to photographing in a hospital, but this will be my first surgery to shoot!

    Are you scheduled for your CI? I met with my doctor today for a regular checkup and we discussed the Baha again. If I do decide to do it, he recommended waiting until this next June because Cochlear is coming out with a smaller, more sophisticated model then. I’m in no big hurry. I am, however, contemplating taking the steps to some corrective surgery with my facial paralysis. I saw a doctor recommend by him earlier today and am feeling good about my options. My paralysis is about 50% gone, but I’m still self-conscious about what’s remaining. I’ve got lots of options to fix things, so I have some thinking to do.

    Keep in touch and I hope your health continues to improve!

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