Research Supporting Bilateral Cochlear Implantation

Someone heard me! 🙂

And I got hold of what I needed! A 5 pages long list of research that supports the notion that everybody who needs it should have bilateral CI!

I got in contact with Amy Brown from the Let Them Hear Foundation Advocacy program. She provided me with a huge list called “Research Supporting Bilateral Cochlear Implantation“. It is updated and very much valid for the ongoing battle we have these days in Norway for allowing adults get their CI number two on an as needed basis.

Amy wrote me the following, which I happily honor, given the fact that she gave me the precious list in the first place 🙂
Thanks to Amy and Sheri Byrne from the Let Them Hear Foundation.

Hi Ulf,
Thank you for your question.  This is a proprietary LTHF Advocacy Program work document.  We use it specifically to support our appeals.  I am happy to share it with individuals such as yourself as needed, but it is not intended for public consumption.  We continually update and revise this list to include the latest most compelling peer reviewed medical literature.  It is meant always to be a work in transition. If you know of anyone who needs access to this information, you are welcome to share my contact information with them.  I will follow-up immediately.

Amy Henderson Brown, J.D.
Let Them Hear Foundation Advocacy Program
149 Commonwealth Drive
Suite 1014
Menlo Park, CA 94025

If anyone need this information, I’d be happy to provide her e-mail address. All you have to do is ask. I won’t publish it here because that could lead to her getting more e-mail spam. Better to keep it personal.


6 Responses to “Research Supporting Bilateral Cochlear Implantation”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! I’m so glad you have this…I would love to see you go bilateral right out the gate!!!

  2. Geoffrey Rutledge Says:

    I think your blog is terrific, and I would like to feature you on Wellsphere ( Would you drop me an email?
    Good health!

    Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD

  3. Tasha Says:

    Wonderful! I’m so glad to hear this 🙂

    Good luck!!

  4. Abbie Says:

    The Let Them Hear foundation is awesome. I just found out that they are making advocacy efforts overseas which if they could help you, that would be a miracle 🙂

  5. Arnt Joakim Says:

    I think it is great that this is finally becoming well documented! I was implanted with CI (Nucleus Freedom) in both ears at St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, Norway. The surgeries were not done simultaneously, it took exactly one year from the audio onset on my right ear to the onset on my left ear. Now I’m currently under therapy to learn to hear with both CIs.

    So I can tell a lot about the difference between hearing with one and two CIs. And boy, if it is a huge difference! Of course, just using one CI was fantastic. I was able to experience a whole new world of sounds with it. But two was even better! I quickly gained an even better perception of sounds and speech in demanding situations.

    Now I can’t imagine going back to just one CI. I need them both to have the best possible audio perception in any situation.

    Bilateral implants is available in my country for some adults through an individual assessment. In my case the bilateral implantation was reasoned with that I am relatively young, a uni student, and about to enter the work market. It was said that a bilateral implant would probably have a significant use as it would make it easier for me to enter the work market. If I was already in a stable job, I would probably not have received the second implant.

  6. Arnt Joakim Says:

    I also have to say that I feel privileged and extremely lucky to have received a bilateral implant, especially as many adults in my country who could have benefited from it never receives it.

    In my opinion, a bilateral CI is an invaluable improvement over one-sided CI. Everyone who could benefit from cochlear implants deserves, and should have, bilateral implants. It costs some more, yes, but you get so much back from it.

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