Status update IV – early autumn 2008 – part 2 of 5

Adjustment of my HA

Dear Abbie, this paragraph is dedicated to you:

Earlier this year I complained about hypersensitivity to sounds, recruitment and other issues that made my days difficult. Then a fellow CI-blogger; Abbie simply suggested that I should get my hearing aids adjusted. Of course! Why didn’t I think about that?
(I think the answer to this is that I still define myself as a hearing person, so reducing my hearing would make me become more deaf, which I am not in my own definition of my self…. I know it’s contradictory… complicated stuff this self image thing.)

Anyway, I carried the thought for some time, and finally got myself around to ask for an adjustment-session at Rikshospitalet, which I got with a few weeks notice. I got it done this august after coming home from vacation.

So I reduced the levels of amplification in my hearing aids, and this time I was relentless about protecting myself from unnecessary strain. I adjusted the overall volume down two notches, and reduced the amplification of faint sounds significantly, these are sounds I won’t need, I can’t use them to anything useful anyway. And I reduced the sounds in the higher end of the frequency-scale a little bit. All in all it has reduced the strain of me using my HA, but at the same time I’m certainly more deaf. But the thing is, I now use more of my energy to lip read and guess the context of the conversation, rather than use my energy in deflecting the too sharp and too strong sounds coming from my hearing aids…
I don’t have to hush on my mother or son as much anymore, which is a relief, actually.

At this hearing aid adjustment I did a new hearing test. I was just as honest with myself this time as I was last time. I did not cheat on the test like I have done in all the years before. The result was the same as the previous one, 2 years ago. Still just as deaf as when I started the process of getting my CI and writing this blog.
The upside is I can keep the hearing aids on for longer periods now, and I tolerate sound and noise better. But it’s worse in social aspects with many people around, and one on one conversations in quiet surroundings are also a bit more difficult, due to the lower volume. But overall the adjustment was the right thing to do in order to avoid going crazy and overburdened in the audio sensory aspect.

I’m still just as tired and prone to general fatigue, but the pain from loud sounds are gone, and the level of tolerance is way up. Maybe given a few months I will notice effects from this preventative measure too? Too early to tell anyway, but will report here if that turns out to be the fact.

Thanks for the suggestion Abbie! Sometimes one need to hear the obvious from others…

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One Response to “Status update IV – early autumn 2008 – part 2 of 5”

  1. Abbie Says:

    Oh Ulf! You have no idea how delighted I am to hear that you aren’t suffering the aches and pains of sounds anymore 🙂 I am just glad that you put it to good use and you are reaping the benefits 🙂 Thank you for the shout out, you made my day 🙂

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