The relief of a summer

This summer I felt better than I have in many years. Somehow I think getting away also meant that my mental self got away for a while. I did what I said before in this blog: I left it all (about my hearing and thinking about it and being tired from it) behind and “forgot” it. It was a really good summer for me with one exception: my girlfriend had to work and couldn’t join me… But with a little help from my friends….

I was really busy: Viking-festival, a little party almost every night with my friends from Poland, a bicycle-trip almost every day while in Poland, spending time with my son, and spending time with my family at our place in Sweden and fixing it up even more. I got a energy boost from getting away and doing physical work and exercise outdoor with fresh air and the beauty of nature around me.

Coming home was hard, I could feel the weight of my life right now coming down on my shoulders… I’m not complaining, but explaining the fact that psychology has a huge factor in my situation. Coming home reminded me of everything: not being able to work, waiting for the CI, missing my girlfriend badly, getting tired from spending time with friends and family in a social situation (I was really exhausted after the vacation, in a good way, and I still haven’t rested up again, it feels like.)

So now I’m almost back into the everyday routine that I have had the last two years; and it is hard. It isn’t really bad, but it is certainly a burden that requires that I keep thinking about the positive and do all I can to keep bad thoughts at bay.

I was interviewed by the Norwegian Hard Of Hearing association membership-magazine today (it is called “Din Hørsel” (Your Hearing), will get back to that when it’s published sometime in late September or early October.

It was an interview about me waiting for so long for the CI…

Also the the struggle for getting bilateral rather than unilateral CI has begun for me. I finally got into contact with Sheri Byrne from the Let them hear foundation, the US lawyer who won 325 or-so lawsuits against the insurance-companies who in the beginning declined bilateral CI stating that one was sufficient for everyone… (would you accept good sight on one eye rather than on both?)

Anyway, I’m back after a long nice summer, and will continue to write more in this blog. Keep reading, and I really appreciate all comments given, even negative ones… I’m all for freedom of speech.

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One Response to “The relief of a summer”

  1. deafk Says:

    I understand about wanting two CI, instead of one CI. There are augrement about one CI is better because once the CI equipment gets old and worn out, you could use the other hearing aid for the unused ear… That is the hard fact. So, if you do not mind having two CI, then now you are aware that CI does not last.

    Thanks, deafk

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