Scientific proof in favor of bilateral CI

Hello, world! I’m back after long and nice vacation. Had a great time. Now I’m ready for another year of blogging about waiting for my CI. Will initially start up with a plea for help about information.

I need arguments in favor of bilateral Cochlea Implants. I wish to operate on both ears simultaneously for several reasons: one surgery and be done with it. One time recovery instead of two. I will benefit from doing the same drastic change to both ears at the same time as opposed to operating both with years between. I risk getting an imbalance between my two ears that will take long time to adjust if it will be several years between both surgeries (if I’m ever allowed a second surgery that is…)

Could my readers help me with finding research material concerning this topic?

I found this piece of information on the net:

Benefits of bilateral are much more than just the obvious cost benefit, or the sound-booth measurable difference. As I’ve investigated whether to get a bilateral for my 6-year-old son, I’ve spoken to many, many adults and parents of children with bilaterals.

Here’s what I’m being told, over and over: Science (sound-booth tests) says it’s a 10-20% benefit. However, science can’t measure how much less exhausted I (or the child) am at the end of the day – how much more I (or the child) feel willing to participate in groups, how much more conversation I’m getting. All of this eventually translates into costs, later in life.

If I ask the scientists, they say the benefits (measurable) are
* Improved distance hearing
* Improved incidental hearing
* Improved localization of sound
* Improved performance in sound-to-noise settings

Ask the recipients themselves, or their parents, they add:
* Improved enjoyment of music
* Improved hearing in group settings (isn’t life one big group setting – especially childhood?)
* Exhaustion factor, read above

Some studies show that unilaterally deaf children are ____ 10 times _____ more likely to fail a grade in school. Unilateral implant recipients seem to me to fit into this category.


Would it be possible to find papers and studies about these things that can count as proof in the legal or bureaucratic system?

Also I found this this name: Sheri Byrne-Haber (link to article about her work in the US). Does anybody have her email-address? I’d like to get in touch with her to see if she can share some of her arguments…


2 Responses to “Scientific proof in favor of bilateral CI”

  1. wendiwendy Says:


    I just had simultaneous bilateral surgery and I’m so glad I got both ears done at once. I get activated this Wednesday.

    Here is a link to the CI policy that Aetna has posted (they are my insurance company). There’s some references in there to the benefits of bilateral CI’s and at the end, there’s references to all the studies so that might help you with the information you need:

    I hope that helps!

  2. Abbie Says:

    I can’t wait to go bilateral myself. I’m going for my ONE year mapping on the 15th and I am going to schedule the surgery….

    I’m glad you popped back up in blog land dear, we have been missing you!

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