What is the CI-situation elsewhere in Europe?

If anyone has information regarding CI-operations and CI-related health benefits in Europe, I would be extremely grateful for any input.

Do people have to wait for surgery?
How is it financed?
How about the follow up, and re-mapping after the surgery?
What country has the best reputation?
Is Advanced Bionics represented in all European countries? (I might have found out for myself, but I’m on my way to the great Norwegian mountains and fiords, so this is also a memory-note to myself…

Particularly I’m interested in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and UK. Maybe even the old east-bloc countries are better than Norway in this area? I’d love to hear!

My mother asked me if things would be different if I was a EU-citizen, as apposed to an European Economic Area (EEA) – citizen, which I am, being a Norwegian…

I could move to Sweden if that would speed things up a little bit. That’s the idea, anyway…


the weather is great and I’m outta here for the weekend! Have a nice weekend everyone!


8 Responses to “What is the CI-situation elsewhere in Europe?”

  1. Carine Says:

    this is a website on the Belgian situation..in Dutch I’m afraid…but there is a contact info-mailadress. I am sure they will answer your questions.
    Have a nice weekend over there. Here, at the Belgian coast ..it is raining…

  2. Robyn Says:

    You would be best to go with the brand Med-El (european), or Cochlear Corp (Worldwide).

    But thats all I know about Europe 🙂

  3. Abbie Says:

    I would drop this question at http://www.HearingJourney.com

    The Advanced Bionic staff over there will answer that one for you in a jiffy 🙂

  4. jodi Says:

    I’m American, but I live in Italy. The Italian National Healthcare System has paid for every aspect of the Cochlear Implant. The brand chosen for implantation depends on the surgical team and the parents. For example, I went to get information in Rovetta and they offered AB and Cochlear. When I went to Pisa, they told me they would only implant with Cochlear. I went with Pisa because that was the brand I was interested in and I liked that they were apparently along the same lines of thinking I was after research I had done at that point three years ago.
    Italy passes speech therapy, ci operation, fm system, hearing aids, earmolds, and now even ci batteries. In addition, they give my son a monthly stipend and various governmental advantages in the form of tax-breaks on things like cars and electronics. We have been very fortunate. If you have any additional questions, email me at jodi@rallycaps.net. Hope it helped, Jodi

  5. Cathrin Engen Says:

    I’m norvegian but has lived in Paris for 15 years but moved back to Oslo last year.
    My hearingproblems started when I was about 16 years old and for the last 20 years mit has got worser until 2 years ago when I got defenitly deaf on my left ear.
    I got an CI operation in Paris last year. It took about 6 months from my first contact with the hospital until I got the operation. I could choose between Cochelear, Med-el AB and one more.
    I got 30 hours reeducation after the operation.
    Now it’s my right ear which has become deaf…..but now I ‘m living in Norway- one of the worlds richest countries, so I contacted Rikshospitalet to ask for a second operation……..but here adults only get one !!!!!!!!!
    So I’m thinking about moving back to France …

  6. roberta Says:

    I confirm all that Jodi says about italian situation. The only difference is that, not being born deaf, I have no economics right like a monthly stipend. I became profoundly deaf during the last 15 years. Laws in Italy should change, there should be no discrimination. For example, people born blind and people who become blind are the same for italian laws about disability.
    As I wrote before, I have my CI since October 2007. I had speech therapy (or better, hearing therapy) for 6 months and now it’s over, only controls here and there.
    When I decided to have operation, I had to wait some months until surgery day. In the meanwhile I did audiometry
    tests, CT and RMN scan without hurry and I psichologically could prepare myself. (well, nothing in the world could have prepared me to what happened on activation day, but this is another story :))
    My surgeon (Prof. Martini in Ferrara hospital) choose the brand of my implant (AB) because usually they use to implant AB devices to late deafened adults like me. I literally put my life in his hands, so I did’n argue about the brand 🙂 . I know in my hospital Cochlear devices are implanted to children.
    Good luck 🙂

    p.s. Hi Jodi! You mean Rovetta= Rovereto, don’t you?

  7. Kim Says:

    I repsonded to your post on http://www.hearingjourney.com and just came to check out your website


  8. Russell Says:

    Hello, I want to know does anyone know why the my hearing weaken? when I had old Med El Implant+40 with standard electrode Array that helps keep sound good without weaken cochlea in 9 years,then I got newer Whole Med El Implant Sonta with medium electrode array. Is that reason shorter electrode array cause weaken? I have meningitis disease from hair nerve died since 8 months old.

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