Early morning magic mist – Deaf silence

At 5 in the morning the world seems different and so peaceful. First time in my life I didn’t bother to take on my hearing-aids going out of the house. I am accepting my deafness more every day and learning to live with it. Strange occasion to realize it on, but very serene and pure…

I am also thinking about my dear girlfriend who needs me. In fact, that’s what woke me up. It’s good to be missed, not so good to be needed and not being in a position to fullfill that need of a loved one.
Hard to not be able to divide myself into two, but I guess we all feel that wish from time to time…
Nobody said life is fair, I know…

Dear sweetheart, I’m coming to you soon!

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3 Responses to “Early morning magic mist – Deaf silence”

  1. Abbie Says:

    Ulf, this is one time when you don’t need to hear to appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer you. Some things are better left quiet…

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I got to that point, too…where it was less stressful NOT to hear than it was to hear. Enjoy the peace and quiet occasionally…it can be very refreshing!

  3. Steve Says:

    I have never left the house without my hearing aids in. I have been thinking for a while about trying to do it to start to get a feeling for what it will be like when my hearing completely goes.

    It’s seems like such a big step though. No doubt I would find it liberating if I actually did it – maybe I should try a 5am get-up too! Not too many people around to try and explain the situation to at that time in the morning. That, I think, is my main worry: that I’ll meet someone I know and have to explain that I’m not wearing my hearing aids and I can’t hear squat. I’m not sure why I’m so worried about that as everyone know about my hearing loss.

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