Status update III – part 3 of 3 – Social life and Society

My social life suffers. I decline offers of going out with friends, I withdraw early from family assemblies, isolate myself from communicating with people in such occasions. This depresses me. But I live on the knowledge of that it’s a passing thing, and that one day I will be able to participate as I used to again…

I have placed a lot of hope in the CI-surgery, but must not forget the possibility of that I cannot get the operation due to “factor X”. If that happens, fine, so be it, then I have to learn sign-language and bring my family in on it… No problem with that, it will only take longer… And the rewards lies elsewhere than in being able to hear again, I’m sure.

It is a test of character to wait for Rikshospitalet to get around to operate on me. The last months events has not been much fun, and it drained me of energy and tested my motivation. But I think I have come out on the strong side of it.
I’m nagging and nagging at the best of my abilities. I do not wish to cause a conflict or anything like that. That would only hurt myself. I do what I can do with the situation I have at hand. The rest is up to destiny.

I’m currently waiting for my contribution to the health-debate in Norway’s premier news-paper Aftenposten to be published. I look forward to publish it here on my blog, but will wait until it is published in Aftenposten Aften (the evening issue) first.

I still await answer from the state secretary Roger S. in the Norwegian Treasury Department to my letter about countermeasures that I think should be taken to address the problems I have experienced. I still have a hope he will see himself fit to read and to respond to my short letter…. He is a busy man, I have no doubts.

I am hanging on to myself and my sanity, and thanks to the people I care about the most, I am able to cope. Considering the challenges I face, I feel I’m doing a pretty decent job of it. I pat myself on my back 🙂

I will persist, I am patient and I will persevere. I will be stronger and a better person as an outcome of this trial by fire.

I live on love.


One Response to “Status update III – part 3 of 3 – Social life and Society”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I think you’re doing remarkably well, all things considered. Patience was never my strong suit, and if I were in your shoes I think I would have fallen apart long ago! I’m so proud that you’re doing so well…your attitude is great 🙂

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