The 3Ps… and friends

Thanks to Sam “Blitzer” for a reminder of the key to endurance: “The 3Ps”.

His post on Michael from Minnesota who has trouble with getting approval of CI served as an inspiration to me today.

The 3Ps:




I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone around me in my life who helps me keeping my spirits up:

My mother, my dearest girlfriend, my beloved son… Thank you all for being in my life, each one of you is a reason for me to stay tough!!!

Inger Anita – who is a driving force in the CI-community in Norway today – and I’m happy and proud to call my friend 🙂 , everybody at Briskeby, Ragna from Telenor (thank you for great support! It means a lot to me Ragna!), Lene from Coachteam – thank you so much for you, Lene!!!, everybody at HLF (who brought this happy news: a new legislation concerning childrens rights to proper speech and hearing training after a CI-operation is in works at Stortinget.)

And to all my social friends whom I haven’t seen in too long time: sorry for not being there lately, I will make it up to you in the future! You know who you are 😉


One Response to “The 3Ps… and friends”

  1. Abbie Says:

    Michael is indeed a source of inspiration!

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