Audio depth perception (and pitch)

Thanks to all friends who responded about my question of wether to fight for bilateral from the start-line or do one by one

The decision has now been made 🙂 I want stereo!!! I want depth perception and I want my pitch back….


This image is a good analogy of the sound-problem I have these days. Try to focus on this image for an hour or so, and then you can slightly imagine what it is like for me to concentrate on speech that is “out of focus” for my brain…

Also thanks to Michael Chorost for his (previous posts and) article in “The Journal of Life Sciences”: “Living in stereo” on the subject.

Since I’m already on the path of thanking people, I’d like to include Amy Shah for writing an article about the importance of pitch in speech comprehension: Pitch Perception and Cochlear Implants. This article illuminated a black hole in my understanding of what is happening to my sense of hearing… (My question was: I can still hear somewhat, but why has it become so difficult to understand speech? Her article explained that to me…)

Try this for testing your Pitch perception ability…

It’s all about perception…


3 Responses to “Audio depth perception (and pitch)”

  1. kim Says:

    I really loved the way you used these optics to describe your hearing. One of my friends have described it as having “blurry” hearing on several occasions. People who need glasses understand that analogy. This was PERFECT! 🙂

  2. roberta Says:

    Very interesting links about pitch perception! Thank you very much!
    Roberta from Italy
    AB CI user since November 2007

  3. Abbie Says:

    Wow, this is indeed a very interesting article and it is funny that I just read this. I am a geek of sorts and I like to push the hearing envelope with CI. I found this free program called Tone Zoom and it plays all the different pitches. You can click on them to listen. It is very cool.

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