The rings of Saturn – simultaneous bilateral CI-surgery?

The Sahara desert, where I was recently, is like a window to the universe. P4150567I was excited to be able to see Saturn with my very own eyes through a telescope.  Fantastic! Just like the picture above.

The thought just came to me; In space there is no sound. Sound carries through air. No air in space, hence no sound.

Which brings me to this: I’ve been thinking about getting simultaneous bilateral CI-surgery, and how that would be for a few weeks… Living with absolutely no sound…

I’m sure the hospital won’t do it based on my request alone. Do I want to do it if I could? For the sake of my recovery, I want both my ears to be done with. I want to do both surgeries in one session. My only concern would be my son in the silent weeks before sound activation. I would be able to communicate though, I can read his lips pretty decent… It would just be a little slow…

I’m thinking my brain and recovery would benefit from doing both surgeries, both activations, and training both ears equally. Both my ears are very similarly damaged.

I have a feeling the hospital’s policy (for several reasons) is one ear at a time. If that’s the case, I’m pondering wether it’s worth pursuing the prospect of having both ears done simultaneously… (I risk pissing them off, you know…)

For that to be feasible, I would need help from a lawyer, which I think I have through HLF. I would have several arguments, one of them being economical. Other arguments would be the time aspect of going through two single operations that would take 1 – 2 years extra depending on the waiting time… I’m not keen on waiting anymore…

Anyone have opinions on simultaneous bilateral CI-surgeries or experienced simultaneous CI-surgery? I’d be happy to hear from you….


5 Responses to “The rings of Saturn – simultaneous bilateral CI-surgery?”

  1. Robyn Says:

    I haven’t had simultaneous bilaterals but my friend has. He seemed to fly through it and is nnow waiting to be switched on.

    Myself – I’ve just been reimplanted and was three weeks without sound. It was one of my main concerns about the surgery – absolutely no sound for 3 weeks, but surprisingly you pick up and adapt very quickly.

    Good luck – if I could have bilaterals I would – but one of my ears is completely dead and will never be able to have an implant in that ear. I am just thankful I can have one 🙂


  2. valerie Says:

    I did have simultaneous implants. I love it. I can’t jump high enough with how fantastic it for me.

    It was not that hard to be without sound for 3 weeks. My family was fantastic. They wrote notes and I lipread.

    My thoughts were one surgery one time and get it over with.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I’d go for the two-at-once if I were you. The quiet won’t be an issue…you’re a good lip-reader and your people are old enough to write notes if need be. I lived in total quiet from March to November of last year…only occasionally putting on the first CI when absolutely necessary…and it wasn’t bad at all. The biggest issue I see would be a rougher recovery…I had quite a bit of pain the second time around, and I can’t imagine not having a comfortable spot to sleep on. I think I’d just stay drugged and asleep the entire first week, if possible ;).
    Just took my CI off…my husband is snoring (feel the earth shaking?) and there are times when it’s actually preferable to have that perfect quiet…ah! 🙂

  4. Abbie Says:

    I actually wish I did the whole bilateral thing too. My right ear sounds absolutely horrible with a HA. I have gone the past week without it. I have decided some time ago that I am going to go for it the other one next year! If you can swing it Ulf, I would get it done. Everyone’s experiences with being bilateral seem over the moon!

  5. Audio depth perception (and pitch) « Becoming Deaf in Norway 2007 Says:

    […] The rings of Saturn – simultaneous bilateral CI-surgery? […]

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