My un-sound condition – pre CI era

I want to make this list in order to remind myself what it was like before I got the CI (2007/2008). Maybe I run into problems post-surgery post-sound activation and need a reminder of how I reacted to sounds before the operation(s). It’s a time capsule to myself…

Here’s a similar post I wrote January this year…

These are the sounds that causes great stress, fatigue, even pain and vertigo in me these days… 
  • All things mechanical like car engines, especially bigger engines like on buses and trucks.
  • to many voices at the same time, especially if a little loud
  • the clanking sound of ceramics against ceramics (dinner plates)
  • my son at the top of his voice (vertigo)
  • my mothers voice when louder
  • children voices
  • the vibration sounds from my computer, or maybe it’s one of the fans
  • inside my car
  • elevator music and “muzak” (because it’s too faint for me to grasp, or too noisy otherwise, my brain tries too hard)
  • the hiss from the steamer on a cappuccino-machine
  • if everything else is quiet, the refrigerator noise is picked up by my HA and that sound wears me down
  • the air-condition in office buildings and alike
  • stiletto-heels and other hard shoe soles on hard surfaces
  • vacuum-cleaner and other domestic appliances
  • music     😦
  • any sounds in a room with bad acoustics (naked floors, walls and ceiling echoing sounds)
  • any background sound when I’m having a conversation
These are the sounds I can’t hear at all anymore even with hearing aids on
  • Birds singing (could hear them faintly as a kid)
  • My cat meowing
  • My bedside alarm clock
  • the fire alarm
  • the doorbell
  • running water
  • rain falling on rooftop
  • someone yelling my name from a distance or another room

4 Responses to “My un-sound condition – pre CI era”

  1. Abbie Says:

    I wish I kept this kind

  2. Abbie Says:

    whoops… my dog stepped on my keyboard and posted the comment for me.. let me just continue 🙂 *turning red*

    … of list to look back on! Have you heard anything about a surgery date yet?

  3. Debbie Says:

    You’ll be surprise how much you will hear with CI you couldn’t with your hearing aids. CI is such amazing technology and it has changed my life forever.


  4. Suey Says:

    Very similar to what I am going through. Any loud high pitch noise makes me sick and I can’t hear as much. Half the sound is gone. When I get dizzy from loud high pitch noise, I take out my hearing aid Then I get tinnitus until a few hours after I go to sleep. I do leave my hearing aid out most of the time which helps. Curious, does this sound like what you are going through? Does it get worse? I worry the more I try to wear my hearing aid the worse it could get. It’s a real pain in the butt…. Going on two months.

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