Minister of Health in Norway guarantees CI-operations for 2008

This is a translated, abridged and reworked version of a Norwegian article found on HLF’s website.

Guarantees CI-operations and screening of infants.

Brustad-webby Norwegian Minister of Health, Sylvia Brustad gurantees that screening of hearing on infants and CI-operations will be carried out, regardless of the cutbacks at Rikshopitalet.

In response to MP Berit Brørby (Labour Party) the Minister of Health guarantees that the operations and screening will be carried out according to the assignments the government has given Rikshospitalet. The fate of the Otolaryngology-department at Rikshospitalet has been uncertain for some time now, and the hospital was ready to implement huge and devastating cuts to the said department in February this year. Now, however, the Norwegian Department for Health and Care and Health South-East (Rikshospitalets superior administrative body) agrees in their demands to the Rikshospitalet.

Priority on Hearing-operations

“I can ensure the representative Berit Brørby that the demands set in the assigments for Rikshopitalet stands from my side. There are also no changes in the function Rikshopitalet has in this area nationwide in regards to operating and following up on children. Health South-East has now also reassured the government that the given assignments will be prioritized independent from the demands for meeting the budget for 2008.”

“The Health department has also repeated a precision to Health South-East that the goal for 100 CI-operations for adults is per definition for new patients”, writes the Minister of Health in her response to representative Brørby.

The Minister has since the summer of 2006 said that the total number of nationwide CI-operations on new adult patients shall be escalated up to the medically and statistically founded annual estimate of 200.

The waiting time for CI-operations for adults is now between three to four years.

The Minister also wrote about the all-important screening process of infants in order to start early with children with suspected hearing damage. (not directly related to the CI-issue, but nevertheless good news for the development of creating a good medical service to all things related to hearing).

My comment:

In short this means that despite the hard times for Rikshospitalet budget-wise, the CI-operations are now guaranteed. The hospital will have to find other ways to save money than to bleed the Otolaryngology-department to near-death… Good news indeed 🙂


3 Responses to “Minister of Health in Norway guarantees CI-operations for 2008”

  1. Abbie Says:

    WOOO!! That is great news! You must feel so relieved Ulf! 🙂

  2. Says:

    Can you post a little update or a

    count down? We, at

    would like to cheer you on!

    Sandy S. Zoo

    I think that you said that you

    were/are #60.

  3. Status update IV - early autumn 2008 - part 4 of 5 « Becoming Deaf in Norway 2007 Says:

    […] that I wrote about here earlier has slowed down everything. Instead of operating according the what the Norwegian Health minister ordered (at least two operations a week), the speed slowed down to one operation a week. So current status […]

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