My hearing diagrams

Finally got myself around to scan these charts and post them here 😀

First of all, here is a source of terminology and technical explanations related to sound.

From 2004:

hearing diagram 2004_fixed

The yellow “banana” is the speech discrimation area for normal hearing. Deafness is defined as below 85 dB. The measurement stops at 100 dB. On this measurement I was intent on doing the best I could, so I probably cheated by looking at signs in the face of the lady doing the test, through the looking glass from the booth I sat in…. Another problem is phantom sounds or echoes that appear from the test itself. Did I hear it or not? Was it a phantom sound or a real test sound? I have taken this test so many times that I quickly get the rythm of sounds from the audiologist and know when the sounds go up and down… I know their testing regime instinctively… Sad thing it only hurt myself when I cheated on the tests, the hearing aids were adjusted based on these results…

From 2006, 2 years later:


hearing diagram 2006_fixed

A noticeable drop in the 125 to 500 Hz-area (the deepest bass sound frequencies). This is the last test I took before commencing the long road to a CI in Norway. There is no doubt, the hearing is declining and I am clinically deaf, and have been for some time….

I also took a speech comprehension test (bottom chart on the 2006 diagram) and I think I scored 0%… What I heard I could only take a wild guess on….

What’s next?

Not before long I will post an abridged translation of a letter that I have sent to the Norwegian Treasury Department (Finansdepartementet). This is something I have been working on for some time now, in the wake of the budget cuts at the premier hospital i Norway; Rikshospitalet (ref. last postings regarding my interview on national tv etc). This work was also the reason why I needed “time” off from my blog (good thing the Easter came in the middle of this). Stay tuned friends!


4 Responses to “My hearing diagrams”

  1. Abbie Says:

    Thank you for posting your audiograms! It really does show when people reach that level it is harder and harder to understand speech.

  2. kim Says:

    I have a similar pattern to yours, except my slope isn’t quite as steep so that I have more hearing in the low tones. I am not “deaf” until about 1500 hertz. I get a lot of benefit from my hearing aids in the low tones however and that does help a little with the speech banana in that area as I can hear vowels pretty well. Thanks for sharing yours. 🙂

  3. Says:

    My audiogram is quite similar to yours. Mine seems to make a smile shape on each ear! My lowest points are about 80 or 90 db at 1-2k

  4. Abridged CI / health history « Becoming Deaf in Norway 2007 Says:

    […] could have been diagnosed deaf in 2004! Share this:StumbleUponTwitterLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Posted in deaf. […]

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