The cost of a CI-operation?

Can anyone tell me the cost of a CI-operation? Either for one ear, or simultaneously both ears?

I would like to “hear” (pun intended 😉 ) from everyone who has knowledge about it…

On a personal note…

My writing is a bit slow these days, I hit a mental bump in the road caused by these budget cuts I was interviewed about

I’m sleepless in Oslo again, and thought it would be a nice opportunity for letting the world know I’m still here…. And finally browse through some old photos of mine…. Time to air them 🙂

Easter holiday is just around the corner, and I intend to spend my time at our Swedish farm by the lake to get my inner strength back. I will hopefully complete a restoration of a sturdy American built Mercury outboard-engine that has been broken and lying around for years.
Also I will take up a new hobby; kayaking! And with that another too long ignored interest of mine will be much more interesting: photography…

I imagine a lot of photo-opportunities just waits there for me to capture… Have plans to take it up again… Hope to show some of them off here on my blog in near future! These two were taken last year with my Nokia cell-phone, imagine what I could do with a proper camera….

And good wishes (and a little jealousy  😉   ) goes to these recently CI-activated blogger’s! Pay them a visit and leave a happy Easter note and let them know we’re CI-happy for them! Some of them has posted their activation videos, check it out!

Sam the brave-blade-Runner, Steve the Ruminator, Michael “ReBuilt” Chorost, Abbie “Contradica”, Jennifer “the butterfly” and Jeff “metalhead”.


With this last picture I took last year around Easter time I bid thee good night and I wish all my readers a happy Easter holiday!


6 Responses to “The cost of a CI-operation?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Funny you should ask that tonight…Sam just posted over on his blog! I have to look at all the insurance statements together…I keep getting little bits and pieces of bills, but have yet to see the total cost. Think it’s somewhere around 100,000 here…but it’s grossly overinflated…it’s a game that the insurance companies and surgeons play in the US….bah!
    I’ve wondered where you were. It’s good to see you posting again! 🙂

  2. Jeff Says:

    As Jennifer wrote, here in the U.S. the “cost” and “what-gets-billed” are quite different. My insurance company was billed almost $135,000 by the hospital in my medical group, however they only paid about $12,000 of that! Since it was under an HMO plan I only paid a $150 surgery co-pay. I assume that the medical groups get a chunk of the monthly insurance premiums which makes up some of the difference. I am pretty sure the actual cost is closer to $60,000. The implant companies charge about $40,000 for the implant kit; the surgeon’s fee is about $6,000 (including pre and post op visits); and then there are the direct surgical costs of Anesthesiologist, nurses, x-rays (to make sure the array is positioned correctly), etc. $135,000 is what the hospitals “want” to get so they make a profit. But they rarely get that.

    This site ( has some interesting info on all this.

    I enjoyed your photos! Have a great trip to the farm!

  3. Jarom M. Says:

    Mine was 70K per implant. I had few surgeries so far and my insurance covered them all but they sent me the statement that explain the cost. It come to 70K every time.

  4. Nick Says:

    Had mine in December of 2007, one ear. It was just over $95,000.

    However, in Thailand, it would cost $35,000.00


  5. Abbie Says:

    According to my explanation of benefits, the hospital charged 124,000 but my insurance only paid 30,000.

  6. Ann Kristin Says:

    I Norge tror jeg kostnadene for en CI-operasjon ligger på rundt NOK 300.000 – 450.000…

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