The best, the good, the bad and the ugly

Here’s some random (scrambled brain) thoughts….

The ugly side of life:
When reality bites hard, misery loves company.
Having said that, there’s always opportunities to be found, even in bad times… Just don’t freak out. Shift your weight from one foot to the other….

The bad side of life:
When life is stalled for some reason. When things happen that stops you. When you’re sick or your body won’t co-operate with you to do the things you want…

The good side of life:
Is when you have to struggle for it. To fight for sanity, your health, your wealth and your time. Because when you know you did it yourself you feel it was all worth it. That’s when it feels good to be alive… Troubles overcome is what makes you grow and learn…

The best side of life:
Is when I know my girlfriend smiles (even as we’re 513 kilometers apart).
When she is next to me, and I have complete peace in my heart.
When my kid is happy and healthy.
When the sun shines.
When I reach a milestone.
When things turn for the better….
When I don’t have to tell myself to don’t worry… To just be…

I keep telling myself… and I do stay in there… and I allow myself to be tired… but I don’t like it…

I don’t know… how to NOT THINK about where I am…

Who knows?

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One Response to “The best, the good, the bad and the ugly”

  1. Chandni Says:

    This is something I can share with you…life has ups and downs, but I truely feel thats what keeps us going, trying to figure out what is hidden behind the next turn.

    I’m honoured and glad that I have YOU by my side…you are nothing less than my back bone..
    Miss you handsome..

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