Dreams with captioning?

Ever imagined getting captioning in your dreams? I received a question from one reader yesterday that made me analyze my way of dreaming.

The question was wether I hear sounds in my dreams or not, being almost deaf and having lived with hearing aids since the age of 4. As opposed to people who has been deaf all their lives, and report that their dreams has no sounds.

I couldn’t answer the question inpromptu, since said questioneer never left any contact-information, but hey, it’s an interesting issue and since I had a very vivid dream last night, I might as well make a little post of it 🙂

am_rapide_hi_30 The dream last night involved high speed car driving, a big explosion, some nature and various scenery (sort of like an industrial site, maybe an open mine). I can definitely say that I dream in colour! The car was a black Aston Martin Rapide, the grass was vividly green, the tarmac was black with white and yellow stripes on it and fences had a colour of metal (among other things).

As for sounds, most of the action was without sounds (no engine sounds, no screeching tires etc), but I dreamt that the car had a 26″ grenade shell (!) with it (plus a smaller one, for some reason). It was the kind of grenade that is loaded into huge cannons and it was compromising evidence that needed to disappear after a traffic incidence (because of the wild driving, I guess). So the car (with my son in it, for some reason) sped away from me after it had rolled sideways down a grass-slope. The driver needed to find a remote area where the grenade could be detonated and hence be disposed of…  (I know, it was a wild dream!!! 🙂 hehe )explosion-l

And this is where I get to wether I dream in audio or not. I dream in audio a little bit, because I remember that I heard the explosion (I did not see it), and started to run towards the origin of the sound.

So there you have it! Mostly I dream in facial-expressions, peoples actions, my actions (like running, trying to run, flying or trying to fly etc) and with colours. Not so much with sounds, although sometimes, and almost never (afaik) in actual conversations. I guess I’m a very “visual” kind of dreamer….

And no, I do not have dreams with subtitles, allthough that would be nice 😉

2 Responses to “Dreams with captioning?”

  1. kim Says:

    Hi, No I can’t say I’ve ever dreamed with captions, but I’m talking ASL (American Sign Language) and I woke up fingerspelling something this morning. hahaha! I often dream people are signing or talking to me and I can’t understand. Not surprsied. That’s my life!

  2. Abbie Says:

    Hmm, I dream in audio and in color. Funny thing is, I hear perfectly in my dreams. Go figure? 🙂

    I can’t say my dreams were ever captioned. Sometimes I wish they were because I think I would be able to remember them better if I read my dreams 🙂

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