Midlife – on new paths

flowers growing_bl_wA pilgrim walking alone
Memory of a time lost
Seeking purpose, connection
From here on

A lot said and done
Not all undone
Lack of time lack of sight
Thinking; time heals all

In breath and movement it still sits
Unleashed, untouched made to ice
Inner frost, loneliness and grief
Pushing for release

New sounds, and paths
Demands new compass and maps
A lone pilgrim still walking
Towards greater insight of body and mind

“Midtlivs – på nye stiar” by Inger Anita Herheim, freely translated from Norwegian by Ulf Nagel


One Response to “Midlife – on new paths”

  1. Kate Says:

    Having recently been diagnosed with sudden sensorineural hearing loss on one side, I found your blog while searching for ways to cope and information on what to do if my hearing doesn’t come back. Thank you for sharing what you’ve gone through. I don’t think people in my world understand the significant change that has occurred in my life. I look the same & can often hear what’s being said to me. So what’s the problem? Well, the constant roaring sound & the fact that I cannot tell which direction anything is coming from mostlly. And being overwhelmed by traffic, escalator sounds, freezer motors in the grocery store, lawn mowers, dryers, televisions, music (which I love… do I have to say loved?).

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