A lot to digest

Just came back from a 3-day course about CI for people who are waiting for CI-operation. For now I will just note some points that I’ll explore further at a later time.

* Debate on 1 vs. 2 implants – how can anyone think that one implant is sufficient?
* Physical impacts over time on body for hard of hearing/deaf people
* Excercises and equipment to prevent further physical symptoms
* Collection of information about resources for deaf and hard of hearing people
* About the course itself, a subjective analysis – lessons to be learned
* My status – sorry for not being able to write for some time now…. Been too busy…
* Insert more links – places to meet on internet? Forums? etc etc
* Collect experiences – both pre- and post-operation, create a databank of some sort?

As for today I’m way too tired to think or write intelligently about any of these subjects….


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