The importance of the eyesight when deaf

Three days ago I tried contactlenses for the very first time. I’ve been using glasses since the age of 13, so this was a new experience… Because of my reduced hearing I rely heavily on lip-reading as an aid to understand the spoken words.

My use of eyesight does a great deal of compensation for the lack of hearing since I learned lipreading techniques as a kid. The “IOWA”-test I did about a year back showed that with the hearing-residue I have, combined with lipreading I got a close to 90% score on understanding speech without ambient noise present. (I fill in the remaining 10% with qualified guessing) With noise present it dropped to 60% and without lipreading it was 0% perception of the spoken words… Conclusion: I rely heavily on lipreading.

Mother nature has given me eyesight that has declined throughout the years. Last time I got my eyes checked was three years ago, so it was long overdue. The new lenses give me much better sight without the hassle of scratches, fingerprints and greasestains from the frying pan.

It takes a little while getting used to, but after three days I can say that I wish I did this two years ago. I think some of my fatigue, headaches and general strain derives from the lack of following up on my eyesight. To be honest, I didn’t think of it before my girlfriend asked me to consider lenses since the glasses get in the way all the time when we want to kiss 😀

As with mye hearing, the eyes also degenerate into poorer performance so slow that it is virtually undetectable in everyday life. I’ve learned a lesson: do not assume that your senses are allright, go get it checked at least once a year!

So yet again, something that I have to thank my great fabulous girlfriend for!!!!

Thanks for being in my life sweetheart!

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