Oh yes, I have for a long time wanted to describe a re-occurring  phenomenon that takes place just before I fall asleep. Obviously I have taken out my hearing aids some 10 to 20 minutes before…

It is like a switch is being flicked inside my ears and head. Difficult to describe, but I will try…

Imagine you are on a voyage in a plane or a boat which makes a constant high-pitched engine-noise. This voyage takes all day long, and the noise is there all the time. And just before you fall asleep, someone turns that noise off like magic. It’s like landing on soft cotton-clouds after being tossed and heaved around all day… I can feel a “wave” of electric current sweeping from the front of my head to the back, very quick. It’s like the shock of icy-cold water thrown on your head while lying down, only that this sensation is rather pleasant…. Does this makes sense?

This sensation occurs every night just before I fall asleep. When it happens, I know that I’m seconds away from sleeping…. Very pleasant and soothing.

If anyone has experienced similar, I would like to know. If someone has an idea something might explain this phenomenon, I want to know….  🙂


3 Responses to “Pre-sleep-phenomenon”

  1. Unconditional condition « Becoming Deaf in Norway 2007 Says:

    […] I wrote about this sensation before, connected to a pre-sleep phenomenon. This is very much the same, only now I get it during daytime too… […]

  2. Aditya Says:

    I guess, you just need to relax…
    Else your brain does that for you, automaticall!

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