A timeout for myself. My girlfriend has started her new job at a beautiful place next to the longest fiord in the world; Sognefjorden. The mountains surrounding us on all sides makes this a very special place…

My plan for this timeout is to simply chill. To take a trip within myself. I plan to take some long walks, go on bicycle-trips, see some of the Tour the France, develop some artistic skills in writing and drawing, and of course to help my girl get started at this new place and spend some quiet calm time with her… We need that now…

As for my condition; I still get quickly tired. Today I haven’t used my hearing-aids at all. I just sit here listen to my tinnitus come and go (I have noticed that the tinnitus disappears when I engange my brain into creative activities). The refrigerator here is making a little noise, it wears me out quickly and I don’t even notice it before it’s too late….

Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe I developed some kind of hyper-sensitivity to sounds as well? Is it possible? I mean, I’m loosing my hearing, how can I be hypersensitive for sounds? I read in a newspaper about a guy who had been over-worked, and he told the readers about how he couldn’t stand the sound of newspaper rattling or crumbling. That sort of things…. It makes sense: input overload gives hypersensitivity… It’s a natural reaction to excess input….

I try to listen to music every now and then. To my disappointment, I cannot endure for long. One year ago, I could listen to music for hours. Now I usually have to turn it off after 90 minutes….  And I have started turning the soundlevel down as low as I can. I can’t hear the music as well as with louder sound, but that way I can listen a little longer. Still it’s very limited. It’s just sad. I love music. I always did. Energetic music, moody music, love music, medtitation music and so on. The quieter and slower music doesn’t give me anything anymore. I loose too much of the whole soundpicture for it to be enjoyable. That leaves me with the energetic music with a lot of rythm. The rythm is good. My brain remember many of the songs and certain sounds I cannot hear, I can remember….

Jeez, tired already… I’ll write more in the next few days….. I have more news, but that’ll have to wait 🙂


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