Tiny update

I’m doing good now. The tinnitus is not troubling me. I have been able to “think” it away. It seems like every time I think: “ah, nice that the tinnitus isn’t bothering me…” it reappears….  That’s something to think about…  It’s all in my head!

Sleep has never been better. Even when changing time I go to bed, falling asleep seems easy these days, and I sleep generally more than I have in many years… Hope this is a sign of healing of some sort…

As for my hearing…. It’s worse than ever, of course….  My awareness is hightened, and I notice more and more arenas where I can tell my hearing is significantly weaker compared to earlier experiences….  I guess it’s both good and bad. Good to be aware, bad that hearing is fading noticeably….  Makes me feel stress about the whole CI-process with the hospital… Still no response to my 3 requests for a response…. Right now ANY response would be appreciated….

So….  My plan for the summer is to take things easy, be with my great girlfriend, my son and my family.

Hope you all will have a great summer… (it’s raining and raining here in Norway, but it doesn’t bothers me, I kinda like it…)


3 Responses to “Tiny update”

  1. W.Mendonca Says:

    Relenteless TORTURE,thats TINNITUS.4 me.unbelivable but not livable,its 5.55.am.and I;m UP.complaining about this shit.I have it since 1986,21 fricking years.almost deaf,nADA in my left ear.40% in my right its a pain day and night.well just letting steam out so early.got to live with it,By

  2. Amoeba Says:

    Hello – just enjoyed reading your blog and your insights into your condition.

    Im not deaf now but i was born with a conductive hearing loss. Anyway that doesn’t matter so much. I also have tinnitus (most of my life). Not i do not use the word suffer. Im 26 years old too. My deaf cousins (who were born deaf and are still deaf) also have it. How i cope with tinnitus depends on stress factors and illness. It never stops, is always there, comforting sometimes and a pain in other times.

    Just thought i’d share anyway. May you get the help you need. 🙂

  3. Ulf Nagel Says:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂 The world will be a better place when everyone wishes each other better health and luck….
    Same wishes goes back to you….

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