Interest Organization for Hard-of-Hearing in Norway (HLF)

HLF (Hørselshemmedes Landsforbund works in many ways. One field they work with is by influencing politicians and legislators or more commonly known as lobbying. One aspect of this political work, is to help the various systems understand and see where the problems are.

They publish a magazine. Work with the membership records to keep the organizational data up-to-date. Organize meetings for volunteering hearing-aids users that want to help other people who are just starting to use hearing aids. (“likemannsarbeid” – “common fellow work”)

HLF also runs a school (Briskeby) and holds several seminars and courses for people with hearing disabilities. They also aim at being Norways center for knowledge about – and to have high competence about – hearing-disabilities.

Tinnitus and Mèniére are also in the HLF’s sphere of interests.

In short: everyone who isn’t part of the deaf community, has a home at HLF.



2 Responses to “Interest Organization for Hard-of-Hearing in Norway (HLF)”

  1. Ulf Nagel Says:

    How can I help?

  2. Damian Lacey Says:

    Hello from Australia,
    I am the Cheif Executive Officer of Deaf Children Australia and Deaf Services Queensland and have been referred to you by Professor Merv Hyde of Griffith University in Queensland. He has told me you have an axcellent program for young adults training which I would be intersted to visit.

    I am planning to visit Europe in Spetember and would like to visit with you if that is possible.
    I can be in Norway from 19 to 22 September.

    Would it be possible to meet with you? If I come to Norway I wounld like to visit other organisations as well.

    Can you give me the email contact for other orgs in Oslo?

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Damian

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