Tinnitus – another symptom of loosing hearing

Recently I have become more and more disturbed by a phenomenon whom I have had on and off through the years… Tinnitus…

Tinnitus are sounds that “creates itself” in my cochlea. The tiny hair-cells that are designed to react to the vibrations of sound in the gel-filled space of the cochlea, can continue to send signals, even without the presence of soundvibrations… And these signals are almost always a symptom of that the haircells have been broken. That means they cannot receive and react to soundvibrations as they should do… Hence the reduced hearing or deafness…

Phantom sounds is as good expression of it as any….

My tinnitus comes every now and then, and always when I have taken off my hearing aids. Usually I think it appears when I have a rush of blood to my head. For example when I have a really long and good stretch combined with a huge yawn… The the blood rushes for a short moment, and the sounds report in…

I hear the cooeing of pigeons and owls… And the sounds are not consistent, they change in rythm and length and strenght. Sometimes these sounds are accompanied by thinner squealing sounds almost like electronic equipment complaining… It’s a veritable orchestra sometimes, and the orchestra can’t be shut off.

Sometimes I have to put on my hearing aids, because with real sounds, the tinnitus subside and sometimes disappear completely.

One Response to “Tinnitus – another symptom of loosing hearing”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hey Ulf,

    I found your blog via Hearing Informed and I’m very glad I did – it’s a great read and I always find it interesting to read other people’s experiences of being HoH.

    I’ve recently started getting Tinnitus again. I haven’t had it for a good 10-15 years but it’s been annoying me for about a month of two now. Just as you do, I find it’s worse when I take my hearing aids out.

    I started smoking again about 6 months ago after a long period of being a non-smoker and I’m convinced that has led to my tinnitus re-surfacing.


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