Change of mindset

After the conclusion was reached, and the first step taken, about taking care of myself and my son in the first hand. I haven’t seen big changes in my life in general, things still go an as they have the last few years, and I don’t feel like I’m in a void or anthing like that…

But, my mindset probably has changed, in the way that I think about how to spend my days.  I will be more around my friends and family, when I feel I have the energy for it… Instead of using my much needed energy to run around in pointless meetings in the bureaucratic system.

I will definitely write more. Maybe it all will result in a book? Who knows 🙂 I will seek out more of my creative ways that I know I have in me, that have never been let out very much before…

I will spend more time outdoor, especially when the weather shows its nice side. And speaking of outdoor-life, I will be a lot at our new Swedish countryside mini-farm, tending the place. Swimming in the lake, fishing, boating, walking, driving around in the old farm-tractor 🙂 plowing old fields, turning them into grass-fields and a nice garden.

And in all this, my hope is that I get more energy for myself, my son and my beautiful girlfriend. Life is about the people in my life. I need to be able to care for them.

Let’s hope the hospital answers my nagging soon…


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