It has taken me a long time, and a lot of thinking to come to this conclusion: I can no longer work.

The consequence of working for me is that I keep draining myself for the strenght I really need to take care of myself and my beloved son (aged 7). This is the situation right now.

I don’t like it. I’m scared. But I have to face it. I need to gather strenght for the future process of rehabilitating after the CI-operation, and I need to preserve my strenght as I endure the process of slowly loosing what’s left of my hearing.

Today I took the step. I asked my physician to help me apply for a rehabilitation-program in the  NAV-system (Norwegian Wellfare System). This will take me out of the work-training-programme and into a more long-term programme aimed to get me back to work after the CI-operation.

Hopefully my new strategy will pay off in the long term. Gods know that I have really tried hard, and at the best of my abilities to get into/stay in a job-situation.

I’m too tired to write more today…..


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