Nagging pays off

Last week I received the first letter from Rikshospitalet. They stated that I was eligible for a CI-operation, and that they guarantee that I get the operation before january 2010. Whee! NOT…

Well, actually it’s good news. One small step has been made.

Now I need to figure how to speed things up, I don’t plan to wait 3 years for my hearing to get back. First I’ll check rules for applying other hospitals in Norway, I hear Haukeland in Bergen has shorter waiting lists… Also I want to check Swedish, Danish and English hospitals…. But special rules apply for surgeries outside Norway. I’m probably not eligible for that unless Rikshospitalet exceed their own guarantee about operating on me before 2010. But will exhaust and check out all possibilities…

 In the meantime I’m trying hard to figure out how to live a “balanced” life. Maybe I’m trying too hard… Damn, I’m tired sometimes….


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